Fall Dining Room and Tablescape

I am in a bit of denial that summer is pretty much over.  If it’s still hot and muggy, and the cicadas are still singing, and I’m still wearing sandals to work, then it’s definitely still summer…right?!

Even though we’re in the last lovely days of summer, I’ve been getting my home ready for Fall Home Tour season.  If you’re not a blogger, then you might not know about it, but it’s a real thing.  We have to have our homes season-ready and photographed before the actual season begins.  We’re like Hobby Lobby, we start getting the decorations out for Christmas in August.

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Early Fall Table 9

Before I stray too far off topic, let’s get down to it, shall we?  The dining room is ready for fall, but in a not-so-traditional way.  I avoided going with orange pumpkins and yellow leaves in this space, because I’m digging a more mellow approach to fall in this particular room.  (Don’t worry, I plan to get all orange-pumpkiny soon enough.)

Early Fall Table 10

Instead I snipped some hydrangeas from my dear friend’s gorgeous hydrangea bush and put down a base layer of eucalyptus leaf sprigs.

*Side note:  I’ve learned how to spell eucalyptus without looking it up.  It’s a little thrilling every time I type it out and no little red squiggly line appears underneath.  I feel so smart.

Early Fall Table 2

Next, I layered in the little white pumpkins and green gourds.

*Side note: I have not, apparently, learned how to spell gourds without looking it up.  #spellinggoals

Early Fall Table 4

Last, I added sprigs of hydrangea to finish this early fall tablescape off.  Since hydrangeas dry so pretty, I figure I can leave this tablescape the way it is for awhile.

Early Fall Table 3

I had the most amazing time photographing this vignette.  My favorite thing to do on a lazy weekend morning is play a little music, make something pretty, and take pictures as long as Miss L. lets me. 😉   It’s very theraputic.

Early Fall Table 5

I just love the way these hydrangeas are tipped in pink…Does anyone know the exact variety they are?  I want to plant some in the backyard, but my friend isn’t exactly sure, and I have no idea.

Early Fall Table 6

Yes, summer is lingering for just a little longer, and I’m happy about that.

Early Fall Table 8

Fall will be here soon enough.

Have a great day!


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  1. Vila says

    any hydrangea can be made a different color, it depends on the soil it grows in
    for blue, you are supposed to stick iron nails in the ground around them
    that’s the only one I remember from my Mom
    the table scape is beautiful!

  2. says

    So beautiful! And I think those may be limelight hydrangeas (which are my favorite)! Mine look exactly like that right now. They only get the pink tips in the late summer/early fall. Otherwise they are white or lime green starting mid-summer 🙂

  3. Cricket says

    April, this looks so soft and beautiful. I love the way you laid the eucalyptus as a base instead of adding it to the hydrangeas. I believe the ones you have are limelight. I have a little limelight ( they won’t grow as tall as the others do, maybe 3-4 feet) and they are turning and look the same as yours here. They are pretty hardy and they bloom so nice. I also loved your hashies about Hobby Lobby, so funny but true!

  4. says

    Thank you so much for sharing these adorable photos. I like this type of decoration for fall. The combination of flower, green plan in the house always bring wonderful effect.

  5. says

    OMG, I’m in love with those hydrangeas. My most fav flower ever. They really brighten the room. What a gorgeous decor. A thousand of thumbs up for your nice pics!


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