Rope Mirrors Inspired by PB

In a perfect world I would be able to flip through the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog and order all of the furniture and accessories I wanted.
But I live in the real world, people.
And that never happens.


rope wrapped mirrors2
I’ve been eyeing Potter Barn’s Rope Mirrors like this or this for awhile.

So, when I rediscovered some old circle mirrors in my basement, the idea to replicate PB’s rope mirrors was born.

before{I purchased these mirrors from Hobby Lobby for $10 each on a half-off week many years ago.  I have seen them there recently, so if you did want to recreate this project exactly, you’d probably still be able to find them there!}

Here’s how I transformed my old black mirrors into  pretty white nautical delights!

rope tutorial1.  I used to have these black mirrors hanging in the bedroom of my old house. I had them stashed away in boxes in the basement and had kind of forgotten about them!  Love to find old treasures in the basement!

2.  I taped off the mirror to avoid getting spray paint on it!
3.  I spray painted the mirror Dover White by American Accents and took the tape off.
4.  I bought 20 feet of rope-by-the-yard at Rural King.  They have a great selection of ropes!  To cut the rope to size without fraying it, I taped it off with electrical tape and sawed it with a hack saw. {That has got to be the manliest sentence I’ve ever typed on my blog….ha!}
5.  Using a lot of hot glue, I glued the first layer of rope to the mirror.  It had the perfect ridge to glue the rope to.
6.  To cover my electrical tape edges, I wrapped twine around them.  It gives the mirror such a pretty and finished look!
7.  {Not pictured.}  I repeated this entire process to add one more layer of rope to the outer edge of the mirror.  I didn’t really plan on adding another layer of rope, but it looked unfinished without it.

I love how the rope mirrors add a nautical touch to the living room!

rope wrapped mirrors 4{I have the hardest time photographing my living room.  The large windows are so bright!  They make my clear glass lamp disappear…notice the floating lamp shade??}

rope wrapped mirrors 6
Don’t let my picked-up house fool you….it usually is strewn with whatever toys Miss L. has decided to play with dump on the floor.
One more rope-mirror close-up shot:
rope mirroar
My little supervisor is never far from me while I’m taking pictures… 😉
rope wrapped mirror 7
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I hope you have a great weekend!
My niece is graduating from high school, and I’ll be helping with the party prep and decor! My favorite!!


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    These are gorgeous, April! They would fit right in in my house! Don’t you love when you can make something old, new again?? Love the ghost lamp, by the way. Is that a new trend? Lol XO


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