Super-Sweet Snowman Feet

I’m not the only  Crafty McCrafterson around this house…
Sometimes Miss L. and Mr. Hoff like to get in on the craft action too!
It took all three of us to get her cute little snowman footprints perfectly imprinted on some canvases the other day.  These little snowman feet will be her gift to family members this Christmas!
 Here is what we used:
She giggled, and told us, “It tickles!” while I painted some white paint on her feet…she was so excited to be making something!
I think this craft is pretty self-explanatory, but here are a few tips for you:
1)  Dab your kiddo’s painted foot on a piece of paper to remove excess paint before dabbing it on the canvas.
2)  After you make the footprint, use a 1.2″ brush to fill it in and make it look a little more “fat”.  I also fill in the toes a little more so that you can really see them…they are the cutest part!
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I hope you have a great day!


  1. says

    Oh my this is so sweet! It makes me miss my days of teaching kindergarten ~ 24 pairs of tiny painted feet in the classroom! I love your snow couple idea, fabulous! Pinning!

  2. Nancy Elliott says

    I understand how this is made but I know that you painted your canvas the “pool” color. and you use the “wedding cake” color for the snow and the feet…but What did you use the “pearl Antique silk” color for? from the photo there doesn’t look like any “pink” on the painting… did you use the “antique Silk” ? Thanks.

    • April Hoff says

      The “antique silver” is a glitter. I brushed it over the whole thing to make the snow look glittery. I’m not sure what antique silk or pink you’re referring to? Hope that answers your question!

      • Nancy Elliott says

        Thank you …I have Antique silk….not Silver…I purchased the wrong thing…The Antique Silk has a “pink” tone and I couldn’t make it fit to the project. Will have to purchase Antique Silver. Thanks for your help.

  3. Lori says

    What purpose does the antique silver serve? I mixed it with the white at the bottem but didn’t really see a difference.


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