Easy Valentine Bunting 2

Easy Valentine Bunting

My four year old and I have similar personalities.  We both like to be in charge, we both like to have things a certain way, and neither one of us likes to be told what to do by the other.  Yeah.  I know.  Teenage years are going to be rough. #lordhelpme  One upside to having […]

DIY Rustic Lettered Sign via House by Hoff

How to Make a Rustic Sign

It’s been waaaay too long since I’ve actually made something cute and posted a DIY tutorial.  *sigh* I’ve been up to my neck in painting kitchen cabinets (it is the project that will not end), and by the time I finish sanding and painting my bazillionth cabinet door, I can hardly be convinced to do […]

Sweet Valentines with Minted 3

Sweet Valentines with Minted

School Valentines bring back the best memories of making little white paper bags decorated with construction paper hearts and delivering my Valentines to each of my classmates.  I always loved reading each Valentine, and, of course, eating the candy! I’m so excited because this year is the first year that Miss L. will have a […]

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor via House by Hoff

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Planned or unplanned, it seems like I find myself knee-deep in a room makeover at this time of  year.  Every year.  I can’t say I really planned to redo the kitchen this winter.  It’s just sort of happening.  #whoops #ohwell As the kitchen makeover is unfolding, I find myself drooling over new decor items that […]

Cozy Winter Home via House by Hoff22

Cozy January Living Room

I never realized how responsible and trustworthy a child has to be to handle gum-chewing.  I am now the proud parent of a four year-old who loves lemon gum.  I completely use this to my advantage. I use lemon gum as incentive to eat vegetables, pick up toys, or in the case of this day […]


20 Fabulous Room Makeovers

Hello, Friends! The new year brings a fresh start for all things, including the rooms in our house!  It’s a great time of year to tackle that room makeover you’ve been dreaming of, and we have SO much inspiration to motivate you to get going! Today we’re sharing our favorite room makeovers from this month’s […]

Gray and White Kitchen Island with Quartz Countertops via House by Hoff9

The State of the Kitchen: Our Improved Kitchen Island

Alright.  Let’s keep this real.  I’ve been glaring at my kitchen for years.  I pretty much give it the stink-eye every chance I get.  It’s outdated, I can barely stand the sight of the orange cabinets, and the appliances and countertops are just plain blah. But, guess what?  It’s getting better!  It’s finally getting better! […]

Cozy Winter Home via House by Hoff1

The Challenge of January Decorating

It seems that in January I always cycle back to the same topic:  How hard it is do decorate after the holidays.  After the Christmas tree is down, and the decorations have been packed away, the house is left feeling bare and kind of boring. To combat the bare and boring and “blah” feeling of […]

get your diy on button 3 (2)

Get Your DIY On: Favorite Room Makeover

Happy New Year!  It’s time to start 2016 right with some awesome room makeovers! If you missed last month’s favorites, we shared 30 Thrifty Holiday Projects: Never too early to start thinking about ideas for next year, right? 😉 Are you ready for tonight? Our theme this month is… Who doesn’t love a great room […]

Big Girl Room 1

My Favorite Makeover: Miss L’s Big Girl Room

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you had a great NYE and didn’t party (too) hard! 😉 I’m popping in today to reminisce about my favorite makeover from last year.  Miss L’s Big Girl Room Makeover! About a year ago we decided to change Miss L’s room up to reflect the big girl that she was […]

House by Hoff Best of 2015

House by Hoff Best of 2015

I seriously remember thinking (at about this time last year), “I wonder if I’ll be able to come up with enough ‘stuff’ for the blog this year…” Holy cow.  I had nothing to worry about.  2015 was the best year yet for my growing blog, and I have you to thank for that! Thank you […]

Christmas Home Tour at Night via House by Hoff1

Christmas Nights Tour

It is the eve of Christmas Eve, and that calls for a special kind of post, doesn’t it? I love decorating for Christmas, and our house looks great during the day, but what is it about nighttime that really makes Christmas decorations come to life?  Is it the way the lights twinkle?  The glowing candles […]

Super-Sweet Christmas Tree Feet

Super-Sweet Christmas Tree Feet

The time has come, once again, for the Hoff family to de-sock (or at least our littlest member gets to de-sock), paint some feet, and make some Christmas presents for Grandmas and Great-Grandmas alike.  It has become an annual holiday tradition around here, and I can’t wait to show you what kind of fancy footwork […]


30 Thrifty Holiday Projects

Hello amazing Friends! Christmas is fast approaching. How is it that time seemed to stand still waiting for Christmas when we were kids, but it’s here in a flash now that we’re grown ups? Well if you’re still in need of a little last minute Holiday inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re […]

Little Girl's Room for Christmas via House by Hoff9

My Sweet Girl’s Room Decorated for Christmas

Having a little girl’s room to decorate this time of year is more fun than just about anything I can think of… Well.  Maybe I can think of a few things more fun.  Holiday happy-hour with girlfriends, shopping by myself at Target, shopping by myself anywhere, eating something with lots of chocolate and peanut butter….but […]