Tea Towel Throw Pillow

Tea Towel Throw Pillow

I should title this post: Thank goodness my mom knows how to work a sewing machine and will sew me up some throw pillows with two days notice.  That would be a super-weird title, actually, but it would be very appropriate. You would think that I’d have figured out how to work a sewing machine […]

Road Trip 2015

Road Trip 2015!!!

This summer has been like a crazy whirlwind.  It seems I hardly get my bags unpacked and settled back into a routine before we are off on another trip… Even as I reread that sentence, I’m rolling my eyes at myself… #mustberough If you follow me on Instagram, then you may already know that Mr. […]

Summer Console Table

Decorating With Garage Sale Finds (The one where I profess my love for garage sales…again.)

Summer is my favorite season for like a bazillion reasons, but high among those reasons is the fact that garage sales pop up everywhere around town on the weekends.  I’ll find myself innocently driving to the grocery store, and before I even know what is happening, I’m pulling into a stranger’s driveway… It’s a scene […]


15 Fabulous White & Light Projects

There’s nothing like adding white or light pieces to your décor to instantly brighten a space. This month’s Get Your DIY On theme was White & Light Projects, and packed full of inspiration! Today we are sharing 15 of our favorites. Enjoy! (As always, please pin from the original sources, thank you! ) Master Bedroom […]


Handmade Doll by Spun Candy

Dolls are often a girl’s first toy, and represent the age of innocence and sweetness. I have so many memories of playing with my dolls as a young child, and still remember them all by name.  A doll can end up being a “student” in your “classroom”.  Your “best friend” or fellow “princess”.  A doll […]

How to Achieve the Perfect Weathered Look via House by Hoff

How to Achieve the Perfect Weathered Look

I’ve been painting furniture for, mmmmmm about 10 years.  I’d say I’ve had some hits and some misses, but this  coffee table I’m counting as a total hit.  It turned out exactly how I wanted, and I’m spilling the beans for how I achieved the exact “weathered” look I was going for. There are many […]

Cape Cod & Martha's Vineyard

Cape Cod & Martha’s Vineyard Trip

I live far from any coast, but love the ocean, the beach, and anything that has a coastal vibe.  My love for coastal decor is reflective in the way I decorate my house, and any time I have the chance to be by the ocean, I jump at the opportunity! So, when my mom threw […]

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GYDO: Light and Bright Projects

Are you ready to Get Your DIY On?? I know we are, and we are so excited to have you here sharing your amazing talent with us! I always look forward to getting comfy on the couch after I put the kiddos to bed so I can sit and look through what you’ve been up […]

Rustic-Chic Coffee Table Makeover via House b Hoff

Coffee Table Makeover

Would you believe me if I told you that I accidently spilled my full cup of coffee all over my laptop earlier this week? Yup.  It’s true…*sniff*.  I am currently without a working laptop, my computer is in the shop indefinitely, and I am feeling pretty sad about it.  Tears have been shed, and I’m […]

How to Make a Wooden Arrow7

How to Make a Wooden Arrow

Good morning and happy Monday! We just returned from a looooong road trip home from Nebraska.  Mr. Hoff’s extended family lives in Nebraska, so we had lots of fun with family, and  Miss L. had a great time playing with cousins, swimming in hotel pools, and staying up way too late every night.  We’re gonna need […]


15 Fabulous Outdoor Decor Projects

Well summer has started! The sun is out and what a way to begin summer than admiring all these amazing outdoor decor projects! Thank you for linking up with us last month!! Wanted to brag a little bit about a few of the projects. These bloggers have some amazing talent! Check out these fabulous 15!! […]


Summer Home Tour 2015

Good morning!  I’m participating in the “7 Stunning Summery Home Tours” blog hop  hosted by Krista, aka The Happy Housie today!  If this is your first time stopping by House by Hoff, welcome! It’s summer, school is out, and I’ve quickly fallen into my summer routine of taking a nap in the afternoon.  I love taking […]

Summer Home Tour via House by Hoff

Summer Living Room

It’s gonna be a gooooood week! I am mere days (2 to be exact!) from summer break, and I am happy dancing my way through them.  As summer approaches, I am creating a to-do list of blog and photography-related items to complete.  Nothing makes my type-A personality more happy than crossing items off of a […]

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Get Your DIY On: Outdoor Decor

It’s summer! Which means swimming, BBQ’s and lots and lots of outdoor decor! We sure appreciate you linking up your thrifty projects with us last month! You showed us how to save money in some really amazing ways and projects  Be sure to check these out, they were amazing! I think this month’s project is […]

Back Deck via House by Hoff 1

The Back Deck {And I need YOUR vote!}

Oh, this deck.  It’s been a bit of a “problem area” for me since we moved in… When we first moved here, we gratefully took the hand-me-down outdoor furniture that my grandmother gave us.  It was great, but it didn’t really reflect my style.  I bought new chairs and tried to make that work with […]